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HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 7.4mm/5.0mm (with Pin) 90W Adapter

HP Compaq 19V 4.74A 7.4mm/5.0mm (with Pin) 90W Adapter
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Price: $49.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: ChargerHP19V4.74ASmartPin
Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)
Average Rating: Not Rated

HP Power Adapter 19v 4.74a 7.4x5.0mm 90w Smart Pin Power Adapter, Compatible with most current HP Laptop Models

note: 3-pin Power cable not included ($5 extra if needed)

Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 5.0 mm
External Diameter: 7.4 mm
Smart Pin

Input Socket: 3 pin


391173-001 ,384020-003 ,384020-001 ,384021-001 ,382021-002 ,PPP012L-S ,PPP012S-S ,
PPP014L-S ,PPP014H-S ,PA-1900-08H2 ,PA-1900-18H2 ,HP-AP091F13LF SE

Fit laptop model:

300 320 Series
400 420 Series

Business Notebook
2200 Series
2500 Series
2700 Series
6500 Series
6700 Series
nc6230 Series
nc6300 Series
nc6320 Series
nc6400 Series
nc8400 Series
nc8430 Series
nx6110 Series
nx6115 Series
nx6130 Series
nx6310 Series
nx6315 Series
nx6320 Series
nx6325 Series
nx7300 Series
nx7400 Series

2530p Series
2730p Series

G Series
G50 Series
G60 Series
G70 Series

dv3 Series
dv4 Series
dv5 Series
dv6 Series
dv7 Series

CQ20 Series
CQ35 Series
CQ40 Series
CQ45 Series
CQ50 Series
CQ60 Series
CQ61 Series
CQ70 Series
CQ71 Series

4300 Series
4400 Series
4500 Series
4700 Series
5300 Series

....... (many many more)

If this one not suitable, just tell me your laptop model and/or old adapter details. We have stocks for most laptops, or can source one for you.

Don't buy a lower quality cheap power adapter.
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